- Conditions & Registration -


Maximum Handicap Men Golf Australia Index/ USGA Handicap Index of 24.9 (course handicap 28) Maximum handicap Women GA/Index of 25.5 (course handicap 28). 


Competitors must have an official handicap endorsed by your National Golf Association and or registered/Affiliated Golf Club. For golfers who have provided online access to their handicap history, tournament organizers will download/view your ‘handicap index’ and this will be confirmed at tournament registration. Entrants who have not provided online access to their handicap must provide confirmation of their handicap index to the tournament committee. This official handicap advice must be signed by an authorized club official.


The handicap committee is committed to fairness and scoring integrity. The handicap committee will review the last 6-months playing scoring history of all players to check for any irregularities and validate all handicaps prior to the commencement of the event.

The tournament handicap committee meets each day at the end of the day’s competition and will aggressively monitor and review participant’s handicaps. Prior to releasing score sheets, the committee reviews top players' score history and reaches one of three verdicts:


  • Bring the player in to meet with the committee and to discuss his/her low net scores.

  • Let the player continue to play in the competition.

  • Disqualify the player from the competition.



The handicap committee reserves the right to change a player's handicap index or disqualify him/her from participation if deemed necessary. Adjustments are computerised and not up for committee review. All scores are unofficial until next day’s flight sheet has been released the evening prior to the next day’s competition.



Handicap verification is required by 09 August 2019

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